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Speech Pathology Melbourne
Did You Know?
Communication difficulties can happen at any age. The Speech Pathologists at Stephanie Crawford & Associates work with people of all ages from birth to adulthood.

Individual Therapy Sessions

Individual therapy sessions are generally offered on a weekly or fortnightly basis, however alternative arrangements can be made in consultation with your therapist. Therapy goals are set by combining the outcomes of formal language assessment, observation and parent interviews. We work together to reach the family’s long-term goals by setting short-term goals to work on in therapy sessions.

During individual therapy sessions, the family and therapist will also agree on a plan for how, where and how often therapy will be delivered – in group or individual therapy, or a combination of the two; at home, kinder or school; weekly, fortnightly or less frequently with home-practice activities set.

When making a plan for ongoing therapy, we also put great focus on including other professionals and team members such as school staff, psychologists, occupational therapists, doctors and paediatricians to ensure a cohesive approach for the client.

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