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During the initial assessment, your Speech Pathologist at Stephanie Crawford & Associates will talk with you about what you or your child has trouble with. They will also ask you about your child’s development, including medical history, and whether anyone else in your family has speech or language problems. They might also complete a formal assessment and talk to other people involved (such as teachers).


We are able to provide comprehensive assessments for the purposes of diagnosis, school funding applications and therapy planning.

Depending on the age and developmental level of the client, we might use a ‘formal’, or ‘standardized’, assessment, as well as observations of play and interaction, and parent interview.

Families play a vital role in the assessment of the client, as they are able to provide key information about the client’s skills and about how they learn best. Parent interview may happen in the form of the therapist asking parents questions during the assessment and/or giving the parent a questionnaire to complete prior to the initial appointment.

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