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The government provides funding for early intervention for a range of disabilities and disorders. Go to our ‘Useful Links’ page for further information.

Our Team

At Stephanie Crawford & Associates (SCA), we believe that everyone has the right to communicate. It is this philosophy that we base our service upon. The core values of SCA are:

– To use a functional approach to therapy to educate and empower families and care givers;
– To deliver a direct, evidence based and personalized service;
– To support parents to take an active role in their child’s therapy;
– To provide children and their families with a supportive and respectful environment;
– To establish a therapy plan in conjunction with the needs of the child and family.

Stephanie places a strong emphasis on collaborative working relationships, evidence based practice and continuing professional development.

Stephanie has  worked in a variety of clinical settings including early childhood intervention services, special developmental schools, mainstream and private schools, community health services and private settings. She is experienced in working with children with additional learning needs, autism spectrum disorders, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), dyspraxia, language delays and disorders, articulation and stuttering. It is through these experiences that each therapist has learned how to meet the needs of the individual client, and tailor therapy accordingly.

Stephanie Crawford

Principal Speech Pathologist
Stephanie Crawford and Asssociates
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