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Speech Pathology Melbourne
Did You Know?
Speech Pathologists works on more than just talking. Speech Pathologists work on communication as a whole. This includes talking, listening, understanding, interacting, thinking, planning and sequencing to get your message across.

Group Therapy Sessions

We run a range of therapy groups including:

– Early Language
– Social Skills
– Ready for School
– Speech and Occupational Therapy (SPOT)

At Stephanie Crawford and Associates, we feel it is important to match your child to a group that will best cater for their needs. Our groups are not based on working through predetermined ‘programs’. Instead we target the skills that will be the most functional for the children in that group. We foster a positive and respectful group environment, where your child can experience success at the same time as being challenged.

Please contact Shirlene at the office on 9898 5341 to find out the groups currently being offered.

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